Pizza Games

If you like Pizza you will love Pizza Games. These online games are based on Pizza chains. They are fun and easy to enjoy. There are hundreds of games related to Pizza chains. You can find them free and in paid version for playing online for free.

Game World Pizza: Take place in the world famous Pizza parlor and become famous yourself! Take part in International Pizza Expo and get the recognition that you deserve. There are several exciting and challenging folds that will put your mind to test. The folded game has 3D animated world, 3D menus, quick results, achievements, high score and much more.

World Pizza Games: Now you can create your own Pizza Chains. Choose from dough, seafood, chicken, steak or vegetarian pizzas and create your own empire. With the help of world pizza games you can purchase new Pizza coupons to buy the toppings of your choice.

Pizza Rush: Reach the top of the world Pizza Grand Prix. Collect all the stars while racing against other professional pizza makers from all over the world. The game is divided into several levels. There is no time limit in reaching the top position, you only have a few seconds to fulfill all the requirements.

World Games: Don’t stand still while the professional dough whizzes and flies through the air on the touch of the button. Tap on the screen and let the hot dough pass through the hoops to win the race. The advanced version allows you to tap more than one hoop in the same race to collect all the stars. The free version has limited number of taps to get all the stars.

World Boxed Game: It is best known as Pizza Box Event, the worldwide fan favourite! Take control of the dough and make a basket full of dough. Touch the dough to make a tasty treat and collect all the dough pieces. The fun and excitement of winning the most number of boxes event make you spend the maximum amount of time in this version of world pizza games.

Box of Dreams: Folding Box of Dreams is another version of the traditional world pizza game. This version has the same addictive game play like the original. The only difference is that now you have to collect the dough pieces instead of the traditional one. Touch the screens to create different shapes like, cups, rectangles and squares. Collect all the boxes and use them to enter the dream sequence in the high score list to become the number one player and earn the coveted first place title.

World Pizza Cup: A brand new style of Pizza Game with an all new look. There are different levels to play and unlimited players. Players have to eat as much pizza as they can within a time period to be the first to finish all the levels and earn a special star rating. Get all the ingredients to feed the hungry crowds in the world pizza expo to be on top of the chart and earn the ultimate title, Eating King Size Pizza, or the champion of all time!

If you think these are all the latest and greatest games events, you’re wrong. Pizza Hut World Games Events are back and bigger than ever. Join us for the biggest, best and fastest folding pizza competitions of the season, from April through November.

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