Stickman is a challenging game with many levels of excitement. Each level is completely unique, full of exciting obstacles and challenging puzzles. A perfect game for those who enjoy adventure, Stickman has enough adventure to keep even the most patient gamer on their toes. There are many ways to play Stickman, so whether you like to solve puzzles, shoot the enemies, or ride an awesome vehicle, there’s a game for you! All you need is a computer, internet connection, and an hour or two to kill.

Stickman games have many different genres, from physics based to puzzle-solving. You can race through difficult terrain using your own vehicle, drive through the mud, jump over bridges and mountains, and shoot your way through enemy stickmen. Try playing one of tower defense or shooting games for an exciting action-filled challenge!

In Stickman Shadow of the Ninja, players take control of Stickman and become an acclaimed master ninja. As a master sneak stalker, you must stalk your opponents and blend in with the shadows. You’ll use sticks to do attacks, throws, and counter strikes as you try to scare your enemies away. Fight off evil in Stickman Shadow of the Ninja using an assortment of weapons, including the stick, a weapon that gives you the power to stick people, as well as other special items.

Stickman was created by Tim Schafer, who is best known for creating the popular word-creation game called Wordcraft. However, it was also used in the creation of several adventure-adventure games, including one of the genre’s classic favorites, Stickman. Since then, other developers have taken the idea and expanded on it. As a result, there are now many great stickman fighting games available on the market today.

Other stickman games, you will also enjoy playing include: Gunman Golf, Downhill Jam, Stickman Chutes and Ladders, Tic-Tac-Toe, and a few others. There are over 30 different levels to play on in each game. You can also enjoy the multiple stick figure characters and storyline. A few of the stickman characters you will meet in the games are:

A couple of stickman characters that are popular among other players are: Big Guy, Dora, and Cookie. These are just a couple of the many that you will find on this fun online game website. If you like playing Stickman games, you will love playing on this website. Not only will you be able to enjoy the games on this site, you will also meet other players who enjoy playing this crazy game as well.